Keyword Research

Full and detailed keyword research is the cornerstone of any serious digital marketing effort. Without the certain knowledge that you are actually chasing the best search terms for your business then every other online marketing effort is a waste of time.

Somerset Keyword Research

To be appropriate targets, keywords must meet all of the following conditions:

  • They must be relevant
  • They must be able to attract decent traffic volumes
  • They must have real commercial potential
  • They must be achievable

I use a number of keyword suggestion tools to assemble a raw list, in as many categories as possible then use a solid keyword analysis tool, such as Market Samurai, to help me process the list.

I'm perfectly happy to consult and train anyone to do keyword research properly. However, I really believe that it's such an important aspect of your digital marketing effort that it really would be a false economy not to pay to get it done by an expert.