Landing Page Optimisation

There isn't much point in going through the effort and expense of attracting visitors to your website if you aren't able to convert these new visitors into customers when they get there. Sometimes seemingly trivial tweaks and amendments can really make a significant improvement to the rate at which new visitors 'convert' into customers for you.

This is the 'final mile' of online marketing and a very important consideration. The return on investment on landing optimisation work is usually much higher than with almost any other digital marketing activity.

Your aim should always be to deliver a smooth, 'frictionless' user experience for your customers.

Consider the following:

  • Do you have a prominent 'call-to-action'?
  • Are you putting people off with dense and unstructured content?
  • Are you irritating visitors with what you are asking of them?
  • Are you distracting your visitors unnecessarily?