Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Although SEO is often understood as a description for digital marketing, as a whole, it's really about getting your website in the best possible position to be listed as highly as it can be in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), for your keyword targets.

There are many techniques and tricks to SEO and it really is both an art and a science but it is built on some fundamental principles that I follow:

  • I need a clear idea of what keywords to target
  • I need to know what your competitors are doing well
  • I'll aim to bring your website to where your customers are (not the other way around!)
  • Once we bring in potential customers, we need to attract their interest and then satisfy their needs


Why is SEO so important?

There are thousands of searches taking place every day. Every one of these searches represents a potential customer looking for something. Many of these searches will be taking place in your industry and are being serviced by your competitors right now. Shouldn't you be getting this business instead?

Following a properly structured online marketing process will ensure a steady stream of motivated customers continue to knock on your door. You just need to keep ahead of your competitors because if you aren't doing it right, you can bet that they will be!